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Changes in qualifications and rules

The changes in qualifications for Interschool Eventing have been brought about in consultation with Interschool organisers and event committees. The purpose is to select those horse/rider combinations who are receiving consistently good results in a number of events. In the Autumn of 2016 there will hopefully be more opportunities for riders to get points towards selection.

The other factor that has been considered is the regional placing of events. Not all riders live close to the metropolitan area so it is important that there are events in regional areas. Tonimbuk and Heytesbury will be joining our partner list next year as well as Tintern Schools. Camperdown will also be including EvA80 in their course, giving the younger, less experienced riders the chance to ride the famous Lakes & Craters course.

As with all changes there are teething problems but we are confident that this process, as well as giving schools the opportunity to see Eventing as a recognised sport and nurture our future riders, will get us the best possible representatives for the Equestrian Australian Interschool Championships.

NOTE: There has been a change to the National rules of Eventing for 2015 where riders can compete at EvA80 in the year they turn eight as well as EvA95 after they have completed three successful EvA80 classes (I’m sure some mothers have just fainted)!

Victoria has a strong Eventing Squad and their Equissage Young Rider Squad will include two school holiday programs where Interschool riders are welcome to come and train with our regular coaches alongside squad members at WPNEC. The next one of these is in September.

Key Sources of Information

We encourage you to visit the websites below for Eventing information.

You can also contact the following people for more information as required.

  • VEIS Committee – Brent Dennison 0447 048 824
  • EV Interschool Co-ordinator – Karen Amore 9013 0707
  • EV Interschool Event Director – Lisa Hocking 0412 679 090 OR email Lisa