We know the first time competing at Interschools can be a little daunting and there is so much to know. For those that have been before there are always still common questions. We are more than happy to answer any question for you but also thought it would be helpful if we listed some of them here, along with some additional helpful information.

The Victorian Equestrian Interschool Series (VEIS) events are hosted by various schools around Victoria throughout the year. Points are earned at designated competitions towards determining individual champions in each of the classes but also the champion school teams. These events provide a qualification pathway for riders to compete at the Victorian and/or National Championships.

Questions related to how to qualify for Australian Championships through the VEIS series may be answered by riders visiting the Victorian Interschool Equestrian Series website. Otherwise they should speak directly with VEIS contacts.

EV runs the Interschool State Championships each year over 5 days at Werribee Park with 500+ young riders in the July school holidays. From this event riders also qualify to compete at the Australian Championships. The schedule for the event is published in March each year. Questions related to the State Championships should be directed to the EV contacts below.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I qualify to represent Victoria at the Australia Interschool Championships?

There are now 2 pathways to qualify for the Victorian team:

  • EV Interschool Equestrian State Championships – 29th June to 3rd July 2015
  • VEIS Qualifier events and Grand Final – February to June 2015
  • Interschool Eventing – qualification events run as part of EV Official Horse Trial Events

2. Does the competitor have to be a member of Equestrian Australia/Victoria to compete at the State Championships?

Yes, every competitor at the 2015 Interschool State Championships needs to be a current financial COMPETITIVE member of Equestrian Australia. Membership is renewable every year through Equestrian Victoria either online or by contacting the office before 30th June. Without a current EV Competitive Membership riders will not be allowed to compete.

3. What membership and insurance is required to compete at the VEIS events?

No specific membership is required to compete at these events, however insurance is mandatory. Competitors need to have confirmation from their school that they are covered under the School Sport insurance and that Equestrian Sport is specifically covered, or they must have current EV and/or PCAV memberships that will also provide insurance at Interschool events

4. Do I have to qualify to enter the EV State Championships?

No qualifications are required, everyone is welcome.

5. How do we enter the State Championships if we are not a member yet?

Those riders that are not EV members at time of entry will need to take out membership for the year commencing 1st July 2015. At time of putting in your online entries on Nominate, enter the membership number as 99999 and contact the EV Office to process a membership renewal or process a new membership online via http://www.vic.equestrian.org.au.

6. Do horses have to be registered to compete in Interschool events?

Interschool horses DO NOT have to be registered to compete at the 2015 Equestrian Victorian Interschool State Championships or at VEIS events. However should the horse and rider combination qualify for the Australian Interschool Championships the horse will then need to be registered to compete.

7. How do I enter VEIS competitions?

There is a calendar of VEIS hosted Interschool events on the VEIS web site, each event will have entry details shown.

8. What are VEIS qualifier events and how do I qualify to go to the Australian Championships through that pathway?

Certain events on the VEIS calendar are nominated asVEIS Qualifier Competitions. There will be 8 VEIS qualifying events in 2015 – 4 Dressage and 4 Showjumping – that run between February and June. The top point scoring schools and individual riders across those competitions are then invited to compete at the Grand Final. The accumulated best 3 scores (if 4 competitions are attended the lowest score is not counted) for each of the events designated as being a Australian Championships qualification event will determine the qualified riders. Please note the full details on this process should be reviewed in the VEIS handbook on the web site.

9. What do we wear to compete in?

  • Interschool competitors need to wear light coloured jodhpurs and your school equestrian uniform. Either sports shirt or shirt tie and jumper. No jackets are allowed unless they are approved interschool jackets from your school. Gloves are compulsory for Dressage, preferably light coloured.
  • Approved helmets (AS/NZS 3838 (Current Australian Standard), EN 1384 (Current European Standard), ASTN F1163 (Current US Standard).
  • Riding boots smooth‐soled, low‐heeled boots (short or long, except for Show Horse). Gaiters and long boots may be worn in all disciplines except Show Horse, where top boots and gaiters can only be worn by competitors 18 years and over.

There are also discipline specific rules you should be aware of, which can be found on Equestrian Victoria’s Rules, Regs & Forms website.

10. I have never competed in Interschool events before and are a little unsure of the level I should be riding at?

No problem, listed below are the equivalent levels in PCAV/HRCAV/Interschool.

11. In the Showjumping classes what do the phases mean?

AM5 is 238.2.2. Riders all jump the first round. If riders jump clear they will be asked to come back in at the end of the class for the Jump-off, which will be at a raised height approx 5cm.

A2 is 238 2. 1. This is one round only. At the height entered and the winner is determined by the best time with the least faults.

Power and Speed or 2 Phase 274 5.3. This event is at the height entered. The riders ride the first part of 8-10 obstacles. If they have not knocked a pole or exceeded the time limit. They continue onto the second part of the course which is the Jump-off part.

12. Interschool Eventing, it’s a new approach

Equestrian Victoria (EV) and Victorian Equestrian Interschool Series (VEIS) are pleased to co-sponsor an Interschool Eventing series in Victoria for 2015.

Qualifying Events

Four EA events have generously offered to host Interschool classes as part of their events, either concurrently with the regular classes, or where there are sufficient entries, as a separate Interschool class.

The four events in 2015 are:

  • Wandin Park Australian Eventing Championships 21 – 22 March
  • Yeringberg Saddle-Up Horse Trials 11 – 12 April
  • Camperdown Horse Trials 18 – 19 April
  • Ballarat International Horse Trials 9 – 10 May

Classes offered will be:

  • Introductory EA80
  • Preliminary EA95
  • Pre-Novice EA105
  • EA CIC*

The above events can all be entered via the Nominate website. When entering the events riders will need to identify themselves and their school as an Interschool Competitor.

Selection for Nationals

A Victorian Interschool Eventing Team (the Victorian team) will be selected to participate at the EA Australian Interschool Championships September (‘the Nationals’) in Sydney in September 2015.

Competitors in the above four events will receive points for placing 1st to 4th in each event towards selection on the Victorian Team. The best two scores only will be considered so you do not have to attend every event.

The top four competitors in each class, ie. with the highest number of points at the end of the series, will qualify for the Victorian Team and be invited to compete at the Nationals. If a rider/horse combination does not take up the offer to compete at the Nationals the place will be offered to the next ranked combination(s). Please note, all riders competing at the Nationals are required to be EA members, and all horses competing must be EA registered.